Drawing from a dream: The Time Room


Hey all!

Alright, so today I sat down and decided to flesh out one of my little thumbnail drawings. I have a bunch of them on a page in my sketchbook, and they’re all from dreams I’ve had over the last few years.

This one is from one of my more recent dreams.

In the dream I find myself in a hallway, I don’t know where I am. The lights are bright, the scenery is too ‘clean’ and I’m confused because I have no idea how I got there. I hear footsteps coming behind me. In a mini panic, I walk into the closest door on my right hand side and stop right in my tracks. I’m met with the vision of a giant holographic planet Earth, shimmering and golden yellow. It’s so detailed you can see movements in the cloud formations. I suddenly realize that I’m on a colossal space ship of some kind because as I walk down a set of stairs and take my gaze away from the hologram, I face a massive, single glass pane with an incredible uninterrupted view into space.

When I have dreams like this one, I wake wondering where in the world my subconscious pulls these kind of scenes from, because they’re often very detailed and have explained themselves very well. In this one I did meet who was walking behind me and they seemed completely nonplussed by the fact that when they asked me what I was doing there, I had no idea who or where I was. They actually took the time to explain the room to me – and that is a whole story in itself!. I remember in this particular dream being in a complete sense of awe, and even now the memory if it still amazes me. See, I can’t recreate a photo realistic of something that doesn’t technically exist, but in my dream, the scene in this picture was as real as the computer and keyboard in front of me. Pretty crazy, huh?

I have a few more of these thumbnails to try and recreate, the more difficult they are, the longer I’m leaving them so my skill set matches up with the scene I was presented with. Hopefully you all don’t think I’m too crazy!

Have a good night/morning world,


-Kat x


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