Hi there and thank you for visiting my humble little blog, this is the page where I get to poke gently at my narcissism and talk about me.

You clicked the button dude, you’ve done this to yourself.

I guess I’ll try to describe myself as best I can. I’m one of those strange hybrid types and whether am a little bit of a jack of all trades. I still haven’t figured out if that’s been a blessing or a hindrance. I feel like I want to do everything and be everything.

I’m an artist, fitness model, business owner and am a bit of a proud nerd/geek…whatever the appropriate term is these days. I adore video games, action movies, astronomy, physics (theory, eff numbers- one thing I truly do suck at), and as far as music goes – dubstep/electronica, chillstep and nu-metal. I’d like to think that in Grandmas Boy I’m more of an Alex…but sometimes I worry that I’m actually a JP.
I enjoy the experience of learning and traveling and try to treat life as an adventure. I’ll try almost anything at least once. Anything except for Heroin and eating animal testicles…. They’re definite no’s, the rest is generally up for discussion at the very least.

Anywhoo, me in a nutshell:
My favourite movie is the Fifth Element (Zoolander comes close 2nd)
My favourite bands are Deftones and Tool – I once had a cat called Maynard (Tool singer) and when I get a puppy (life goals) his name will likely end up ‘Chino’ (Deftones singer).
My most watched Youtube channel of all time is MrSuicideSheep and if I have my headphones on there’s a good 80% chance that’s what I’m listening to.
My favourite artist is Android Jones.
My most loved video game is Final Fantasy VIII (yes, I like 8 over 7, sorry about it, must be the secret romantic in me, haha).
If I’m ever upset, waffles and ice cream is the best bet for a cheer up, wine is an optional and highly regarded extra.
If I could, I’d wear track pants all my life.
My secret dream is to become an epic snowboarder.
I write pretty well, I force myself to speak….and usually that means I try to say 3 words at the same time, fumble, get embarrassed, try to fix it…mistake, get more embarrassed..yeah – welcome to my brain, haha.
I may be a little obsessed with Golden Retriever puppies. Just a little.

I think that about sums me up…so yes, that’s me. Hello! Hope you enjoy my scribblies!




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